By divorcing with their English, Welsh and north-Irish cousins, the 5,3 million Scottish people come down of the world economic podium. The United Kingdom is the sixth gross domestic product of the planet today, while the Scotland appear only in the fiftieth rank, behind Ireland and Portugal. Can the Scotland take example on nearby Norway, the independence of which rests on its natural resources? If he wants to gain his economic independence, the new country will have to find its model of development.

The Scotland represents 10 % of the British GDP and 8,4 % of the population of the United Kingdom. She has the eighth GDP per capita of the OECD, in front of France and in front of the United Kingdom. The unemployment rate is lower than in the rest of the island of Great Britain there. And the country knows an important growth rate: 1,6 % in 2013. The cruises on Loch Ness and other tourist activities weigh 9 billion euros. The rural and island economy: 40 billions. The food industry and its famous "fried pizzas": 13 billion euros. The Scotland is the first producer of salmon in Europe and supplies 70 % of the fish in the United Kingdom. Highlands also abounds in ecological resources according to the hard-line Scottish people: 25 % of the potential of wind and tidal energy of Europe

Besides the beer, the Scotland also produces whisky 90 % of its production of which it exports. The adhesive tape sold outside the country weighs 5,4 billion euros, is the fifth one of its exports. It is its second stream of outer income, after the oil. Under Scottish waters of the North Sea, we find 98,8 % of the resources in hydrocarbons of the United Kingdom. However, the reserves run out - we evoke 2040 - and are more and more expensive to extract. In 2013, a simple strike in the sector filled the growth of all the Scotland in the last quarter.

It is to the real strategic choice that exposes itself the country, he can survive only thanks to his resources and hope for an increase of his economy without the United Kingdom?